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Military Credit Cards for Bad CreditServicemembers with bad credit can apply for a military credit card that may be able to help them improve their credit score. Applicants with less than perfect credit have better approval odds when applying for a military credit card for bad credit. These are military cards, so you must be a current military member, a veteran, or a spouse of a retired or current military member to apply.

With your busy lifestyle, are you worried you might accidentally miss a payment? These credit cards do not have a penalty APR so missing a payment will not increase your interest rate. We recommend you always pay your bill on time, however, if you find yourself in this situation then you won't have to worry about your interest rate fluctuating.

To avoid missed payments and other factors that credit reporting agencies use to calculate your score, set payment reminders on your phone or calendar and only purchase items that make economical sense. Before making a purchase, always ask yourself if you need this item, if you can afford it, and if you can comfortably repay the balance. Using these tips with your credit card will build positive credit history and may help you achieve a higher credit score.

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Servicemembers from all branches, veterans, and military spouses are eligible to apply